I Stand With Israel

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Why Stand With Israel?

Why Stand With Israel?

So why stand with Israel?

Well, there are several reasons for that.

Today more than ever before in history we see the dark clouds gathering around us.

Within Israel it’s the increasing sin – prostitution, homosexuality, corruption; economic troubles – poverty, a housing crisis; terror – rocket attacks, terrorist infiltrations to Israel’s territory… not to mention persecution of believers at the hands of the radical ultra-Orthodox.

From without – tension with our greatest ally – the U.S., unprecedented demands from the UN regarding not only our international, but also internal affairs, instability in Egypt, attacks from Hamas in Gaza, open annihilation promises from Hezbollah in Lebanon, civil war in neighboring Syria, rising tensions in Jordan and Iran’s race towards nuclear weapons.

As believers we know that one day ALL NATIONS will come to make war against Jerusalem. We also know that ALL NATIONS will be judged corporately by God based on how they treated Israel.

It is we, the believers, therefore, who hold the keys to our nations’ destinies! Our prayers – for our nations and our leaders, our open stand with and for Israel will most certainly be an important factor in the severity of the judgment that is inevitably coming.

Yeshua said we are the light of the world – a city on a hill, which cannot be hidden. We believe this is our time, as believers in the Most High God, to let our light shine – boldly proclaiming the Good News of salvation together with our love for Israel and the Jewish people – whom God loves and whom He promised to protect and keep as a nation before Him forever. 

It’s time to battle for the future of Israel and the future of every nation on earth!

So, what do you do next?

If you decided to take a stand for Israel, here are some suggestions on your next steps:

First, spread the importance of loving, praying for and supporting Israel wherever you go. You can use these Biblical Reasons to Stand With Israel when you speak to your pastor, church members, co-workers, family and friends. Print these out and ask for permission to put it on your Church bulletin boards. In a sentence - become an advocate for Israel!

Second, commit to pray daily for Israel as well as your nation, leaders, and their treatment of Israel and the Jewish people.

To set the record straight, our hearts ache for the Palestinian (Arab) people just as much as we do for the people of Israel. They need salvation, freedom, and the light of Yeshua in their lives! But we know that the Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, even though He loves Jew and Arab alike (for He is no respecter of persons), gave this land we call Israel (including Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza) to the descendants of Isaac forever as a covenant. Therefore, we cannot, and do not, support the “struggle” of the Palestinian people to conquer Israel.) Anyone who is familiar with the Middle East knows that God has given a huge tract of land to the Arab peoples.

Above all you can support the Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua here in the Land of Israel with your gifts to istandwithisrael.com

We need your help! We need your commitment! We need you to take a stand!

Make this a year YOU stand with Israel!